Antivirus Programs For Ubuntu Linux

While your Linux system might not be affected by viruses, there might be some lying dormant in your system. Like when you copied or downloaded files with viruses from another system and then pass the file to another computer whose system (e.g. Microsoft Windows) is vulnerable to viruses. Or if you maintain dual or multiple partitions (e.g. Linux and MS Windows).

Be responsible. Don't be a carrier.

Using Linux to Disinfect Windows

Using Linux to Disinfect Windows: Yes, you can use Linux to disinfect your MS Windows computer. This is a good "how to" from the Linux Journal outlining the easy steps from downloading to disinfecting your Windows computer without the risk of having even your anti-virus being infected too.

Using Linux to Disinfect Windows
May 19, 2010 By Gene Liverman

Are you responsible for one or more Windows computers? If yes then the odds are really good that you have had to deal with cleaning viruses and malware. Did you know F-Secure offers a free Rescue CD built on Knoppix for just this purpose? Let's take a look at how easy the F-Secure Rescue CD is to use.

Selecting FOSS Softwares

Selecting FOSS Softwares

Top Tips For Selecting Open Source Software

A QA Focus Document

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Performance and reliability are the principal criteria for selecting software. In most procurement exercises however, price is also a determining factor when comparing quotes from multiple vendors. Price comparisons do have a role, but usually not in terms of a simple comparison of purchase prices. Rather, price tends to arise when comparing “total cost of ownership” (TCO), which includes both the purchase price and ongoing costs for support (and licence renewal) over the real life span of the product.

This document provides tips about selecting open source software.

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