ict@innovation Training Handbook release: "Free your IT-Business in Africa!"

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"How can I build a sustainable business around Free and Open Source Software in Africa?"

In order to answer this frequently asked question by young African IT-business owners, InWEnt and FOSSFA are pleased to present "ict@innovation: Free your IT-Business in Africa!” - a set of advanced training materials on African Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Business Models for IT-enterprises.

Seminar on Health Informatics: "Putting Health in the Hands of the People"

From: The UP Manila National Telehealth Center

Health Informatics SeminarThe UP Manila National Telehealth Center is inviting more health and IT professionals and students to participate in the fifth offering of Seminar on Health Informatics on September 25, 2010. This fifth seminar offer the same content as the first but with additional talks by professionals working in health IT. It also promises to provide participants with concrete action items that they can pursue to further sharpen their knowledge and skills in health informatics.

UPDATE: The Seminar on Health Informatics, scheduled this September 25, 2010, will be held at the Arturo Garcia Hall, 2nd floor UP College of Medicine Main Building.

Two operating systems running at the same time in one computer. Is that possible?

Yes, running more than one operating system (OS) in one machine is possible. When you're running Windows and want to try using a Linux distribution at the same time, that is possible. And it can be the other way around. The same goes in situations where one is using Mac.

That is done through the virtualization (or virtual machine) technology. That means installing a third-party software (e.g., VMWare, Virtualbox, among others) and use such software to install another OS of your choice, which is called a guest OS.

Just installled Ubuntu. But why can't I play video streams like those from Youtube?

Youtube and other popular sites providing video streams use Adobe Flash Player. The format is proprietary, thus, it is not part of the default installation of Ubuntu.

There is hope, though. Here is what you must do. Make sure you do not have any web browser open in your desktop. There are two ways to install the Adobe Flash plugin.

The first option is to download the package from this site: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/. And then open the file and follow instructions in installing it. It's very easy to install it.

Playing with pills: computer game to train nursing students on drug calculation

A computer game was developed at the University of Stavanger, Norway to help nursing students having difficulty passing exams on drug calculation.

NetOps, the University’s unit for web-based studies is testing a computer game to aid in learning.

"Often termed “serious gaming”, the idea is to make learning easier and more fun by using methodology from computer games. Project leader Petter Mordt points out that there are many ways of learning."

Read more at: Playing with pills (http://www.uis.no/frontpage/article26439-50.html)

FOSS for Health promoted during the 1st Interdisciplinary Alumni Conference in Southeast Asia

Free and Open Source Software in Health was promoted during the “1st Interdisciplinary Alumni Conference in Southeast Asia, Regional Integration in Southeast Asia: Leadership Challenges and Network Building” (http://www.gc21.de/alumni-hanoi/) held from June 30 to July 2, 2010 in Hanoi, Vietnam wherein PANACeA members Alex Gavino, Dong Calmada, Alvin Marcelo (virtual), Ariel Betan and Soegijardjo Soegijoko participated, facilitated and acted as resource persons during the workshop on “Open Source in Healthcare.”

FOSS4Health is current theme of the InWent Capacity Building Germany Alumni Newsletter

Free and Open Source in Healthcare is the main theme of the current InWent Alumni Newsletter (http://www.inwent.org/alumni) where the portal (http://foss-for-health.org/) and 2 PANACeA members Alvin Marcelo and Ariel Betan are currently featured in their articles. PANACeA was mentioned in the article on Ariel Betan.

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Meta Clinic Management System

META CMS is a Clinic Management System, focused on private primary care clinics in Hong Kong. It's based on the HKMA CMS v3.0 (TaoYuan Project) and offering enhanced functionality and support. The system is bilingual, English and Chinese (source: official website)

Dental Clinic Management System

The DCMS (Dental Clinic Management System) is a free and open-source system developed by Mobigator Technology Group for dental clinic management. DCMS, built on the open-source CMS (Clinic Management Sytem) (http://cms.mobigator.com) developed by Mobigator Technology Group, is a streamlined and standardized electronic system specially designed for dental clinics. DCMS provides user-friendly and comprehensive functionalities, covering standardized image-enabled patient records, configurable treatment and billing plans, and integrated inventory, account and report management.

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