Some of the Features of IQSS EMR include:

  1. Centralized Data
  2. Data Archiving
  3. Data Versioning
  4. Data Capture
  5. Easy Access
  6. Virtual File System - Replace shared drives and offer the same interface
  7. Document level security
  8. Single Sign-On through NTLM or LDAP
  9. Email-Like Rules - Configure plug-in rules to automate manual processing and offer out-of-sight compliance


mdDigest Community Edition

It is a .NET e-health groupware solution with EMR, Practice Management and patient/physician connectivity. Built on the popular DotNetNuke framework.

mdDigest distributes a Community Edition of the e-HealthGroupware application. This release includes the EMR and Practice Management system released as an open source, .NET installation. The Community Edition includes the doctor and patient connection tools that are much needed to work through meaningful use. Organizations should find the application helpful in specing solutions that will help them on their path to Stage 3 requirements.

Freefeather EHR

FFEHR is the temporary project name of a software application commissioned by the ASEAN +3 node of the UNDP's International Open Source Network (UNDP-IOSN) for eventual use as an electronic health record for the healthcare industry. The initial goal of the project is to be able to design a common user interface that is both effective and efficient, and widely acceptable to medical practitioners in the Philippines and in the future, worldwide. FFEHR is licensed under the GNU GPL3 and later and is thus available for free download and use including its source code


TORCH is a web enabled electronic health record (EHR) application. TORCH is usable in single practitioner offices and scalable up to multi-site practices.

Easy to install and customize EMR application in Python using multi-level modeling to enable design sharing and eliminate data lock-in

Project Details
AUDIENCE : scienctific research
education : information technology : healthcare industry : DEVELOPMENT STATUS : alpha
OPERATING SYSTEM : os independent
C : USER INTERFACE : web-based


Elemental Clinic

Elemental Clinic is a web-based application for managing mental health clients from intake through discharge including scheduling, assessments, progress notes, goals, group treatment, and electronic billing.

Easy-to-use elementalClinic greatly reduces paperwork for mental health professionals.

Electronic Claims Submission (ECS)
Customizable billing codes
Templates for forms and progress notes
Easy cloning of progress notes
Configurable assessments
Group therapy
Role-based security

Res Medicinae

Res Medicinae is to become a comprising software solution for use in Medicine which combines intuitive ease of use with great flexibility, reached through the usage of CYBOP technology. It wants to adhere to common standards for medical software, wherever useful, and will thus be open to other systems. Using the CYBOL language, users are enabled to, themselves, modify applications.

Res Medicinae is the attempt to overcome high pricing in the realm of Medical Information Systems and to provide users with a free, stable, secure, platform-independent, extensive system.


GNUmed is a free software/open source medical practice management software for Unix-like systems (BSD, Linux, and UNIX systems), Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and other platforms. GNUmed aims to provide medical software that respects the privacy of patients and that is based on open standards.

GNUmed is based on third party projects such as free software/open source DBMS PostgreSQL and is written mostly in Python. It is supported by a graphical user interface (GUI) based on WxPython.


ClearHealth is a comprehensive practice management and EMR system incorporating the key categories of functionality for scheduling, patient registration, electronic medical records and CPOE, electronic and paper billing, and SQL reporting. As an open source reference implementation of several interoperability protocols ClearHealth has support for working with data in HL7 [8] and Continuity of Care Record (CCR) formats.
The ClearHealth system is fully compliant with HIPAA security provisions [9]


MirrorMed is an amalgum of several different FOSS projects code into a stable whole. The focus of the MirrorMed project will be on releasing something that is relatively stable relative to other projects.( Directly quoted from the official webpage:

MirrorMed is a friendly fork of ClearHealth. It will use the same codebase with slower releases, further testing, and additional forms, reports and other small improvements. As with ClearHealth, MirrorMed will also borrow from FreeMed and OpenEMR.

Primary Care Doctors' Organization Malaysia PrimaCare

PCDOM PrimaCare is an Electronic Medical Record & Clinic Management System that enables the General Practitioner to comply with the Private Health Care Facilities & Services Act 1998.

This comprehensive web-based client server system consists of the following modules:

1. Patient Management
2. Clinic Management
3. Pharmacy Management
4. Schedule Management
5. Medical Resources Management
6. Billing Management
7. Financial Management
8. Asset and Supply Management
9. System Administration

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