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Public Health and Biosurveillance

  • Electronic Support for Public Health

    The Electronic medical record Support for Public health (ESP) project is an automated software application, that analyzes electronic medical record (EMR) data, to identify and report conditions of interest to public health and other agencies (including among others notifiable disease case reporting, syndromic surveillance and vaccine adverse event surveillance).


Forums vs. Wikis: Which is better?

A hard question to answer, as both have similar objectives, though with several advantages and disadvantages.

Both are essential tools for knowledge creation.

Top Tips For Selecting Open Source Software

A QA Focus Document

About This Document

Performance and reliability are the principal criteria for selecting software. In most procurement exercises however, price is also a determining factor when comparing quotes from multiple vendors. Price comparisons do have a role, but usually not in terms of a simple comparison of purchase prices. Rather, price tends to arise when comparing “total cost of ownership” (TCO), which includes both the purchase price and ongoing costs for support (and licence renewal) over the real life span of the product.

This document provides tips about selecting open source software.

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