Quality FOSS for health: how to find them?

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Experiential learning

Avatar was a wonderful movie. It had fantastic special effects and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the 3D effects in the movie. Until recently, film-making was a special and complex art that required years (and perhaps a lifetime!) of experience. Films were transported in bulky reels in tin containers the size of my car wheel!

On breast feeding, user interfaces, and open source software

Per ajoramos's blog on getting bruised, this reminds me of my previous insights about how much similar breast feeding is with free and open source software.

Look at the similarities:

1. Breast milk is free.
2. Breast milk is good for you.
3. The only way you can appreciate breast milk is if you get it (as babies of course!). But if you were given (proprietary) formula milk, it will be hard for you to appreciate this benefit as babies immediately develop a taste for formula milk.

Stumbling, falling and getting bruised with Linux

Last year, I bought a cheap netbook. I wanted a really small, light, easy-to-transport device that I can bring anywhere. I was looking around for the best value, so i ended up with one that was around $350.00. It was cheap, primarily because it came with a Linux operating system (I can't remember the distro).

Anyway, I was also challenged to make full use of a device that has Linux out of the box. I was also smug with myself, knowing that I am now a fledgling member of the FOSS fraternity. Of course, I felt safe from all those malware and denial-of-service attacks.

FOSS for Mac and Windows

For those who are on Mac and Windows, do not despair -- there are a lot of FOSS for you:



A FOSS Toolkit for Small-to-medium Enterprises (doctor's clinics?)

The International Open Source Network (created by UNDP and IDRC) with support from InWEnt, has created a toolkit for small-to-medium enterprises at http://fosstoolkit.iosnasean.net.

There is a chapter on Health. Feel free to add other FOSS health software that you know of.

Audacity for recording my digital story

For our project on digital storytelling, I needed software that could record my narration. Audacity (audacity.sourceforge.net) came to the rescue. It was free and open source, and was as simple as clicking on the record button (red circle) to start recording and the stop button to finish (brown square).

Photo: 3rd PANACeA Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand

Some pics of 3rd Annual Workshop

Medpedia - A professionally edited Wikipedia for Health

Medpedia is a recent development that is striving to create an encyclopedia of health that is built through the same online collaborative process that made Wikipedia such a success. Add the advantage of social networking to this and you get medpedia.

The site has a lot of doctors editing technical articles. I recently added an X ray to the Dextrocardia article and improved it. Do register on Medpedia and start improving the articles in which you are an expert!

Go to: http://medpedia.com
To see my profile and the work I do there, see http://www.medpedia.com/users/3362

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