What is the best Linux distribution that I can try?

Major Linux distributions are up in competition in the area of user interface. It is not easy to determine which of these turns out to be the best. Factors that come into play include make and quality of machines under which to use a distribution.

Considering the modern computer machines (either desktop or laptops) now in the market, Ubuntu and OpenSuse fight it out in the user experience area. Although, one should not discount the fight that Fedora Core, Mandriva, Mint and Arch are giving.

Can I run Windows applications under Linux?

This is a typical question for those eager to learn to use Linux but are afraid that their favorite Microsoft programs "might not run under Linux."

Open-Source Data Network for Medical Research

From: iHealthBeat

New Technologies Spur Changes in Health Care Research, Delivery

Wall Street Journal recently featured several articles on new trends in electronic health tools. One of the articles discussed "a new open-source collaborative effort ... aiming to advance medical research by allowing scientists to share disease data and models .."

Open-Source Data Network for Medical Research

A new open-source collaborative effort called Sage Commons aims to advance medical research by allowing scientists to share disease data and models, the Wall Street Journal reports. Sage Bionetworks launched the project last year.

CSIR open-source project for TB democratises research

From: Business Line

The exercise is to cut short research time and work towards effective medicines to treat TB, which accounts for about 1,000 deaths a day in India.

...the OSDD initiative has made TB-related research available to any researcher across the world...

CSIR open-source project for TB democratises research

P.T. Jyothi Datta

Mumbai, April 12

The average age of scientists on the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research's (CSIR) ‘Connect 2 Decode' project — to map information on the Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) genome, is “in the 20s”. Not surprising then, the scientific community explains the project, in lay terms, as a sort of “face-book” for scientists!

But the C2D project to bring all scientific research on TB under one roof, and make the information publically available, is part of CSIR's Open Source Drug Discovery (OSDD) initiative. A project that seeks to democratise the approach to science by changing the way scientific data is accessed.

Scientists map TB genome using Open Source Model soon to be available

From: The Times of India

"The TB gene map, developed under the Open Source Drug Discovery (OSDD) initiative of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) will be available in the public domain for drug makers."

"This marks the beginning of the efforts of C2D to align R&D with public health and to use the full potential of the open source model for the development of medical technologies and drug discovery for neglected diseases," Samir Brahmachari, Director General, CSIR said.

Medsphere Systems Markets Open Source Electronic Health Records System

From: SignOnSanDiego News

Available to download and install free. Or with subscription for commercial support.

Medsphere Systems Markets Open Source Electronic Health Records System

By Denise Gellene

Originally published April 8, 2010 at midnight, updated April 6, 2010 at 10:40 a.m.

Nearly 2/3 of Health IT Strategist Readers Considers Using Open Source Electronic Health Records

From: ModernHealthcare.com

Most HITS readers would consider open-source EHR
By Joseph Conn / HITS staff writer
Posted: April 2, 2010 - 11:00 am ET

Nearly two thirds of Health IT Strategist readers responding to our latest poll indicate they are keeping an open mind when it comes to open-source software.

Qualitix Clinical Research Co Selects OpenClinica Enterprise Electronic Data Capture Solution for Multi-National Clinical Trials

From: PRWeb

Taiwanese contract research organization (CRO) seeks to enhance its global clinical trial IT infrastructure with leading open source solution.

Waltham, MA and Taipei, Taiwain (PRWEB) April 6, 2010 -- Akaza Research, the leading provider of open source clinical trials software, announced today that Qualitix Clinical Research Co., Ltd. has selected the OpenClinica Enterprise™ open source platform for its Electronic Data Capture (EDC) solution for multi-national clinical trials. Qualitix is a full service Contract Research Organization (CRO) based in Taipei, Taiwan that focuses on clinical monitoring and site management for Phase I – Phase IV multinational studies. Qualitix maintains a network of prominent Taiwanese investigators at 33 hospitals and has conducted more than 50 clinical trials across a number of therapeutic areas.

An Invitation to Improve a Wikipedia Entry on FOSS Applications for Health

In my Google and Yahoo search for Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) as applied for health, I chanced upon a Wikipedia page entitled "List of open source healthcare software". This page ranks first and sixth in Google and Yahoo search results, respectively. This is good.

Surprisingly, though, the page has received a warning from Wikipedia, particularly on the inappropriate use of external links.

UP Manila National Telehealth Center conducts the Geolocate4Health contest

The University of the Philippines Manila National Telehealth Center is now conducting the Geolocate4Health contest.

The contest involves the use of Google Map Maker in mapping health care facilities such as:

1. government hospitals
2. private hospitals
3. rural health units/local health centers
4. lying-in clinics
5. barangay health stations
6. private clinics
7. special health facilities such as dialysis clinics, stand-alone laboratories and
radiology centers
8. blood banks
9. drugstores

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