Fast and Lightweight Peppermint Linux OS 1.0 Released, A good platform for FOSS eHealth Apps?

Said to boot fast in just a few seconds and lightweight (about 500+ mb). Something to test as platform for FOSS for health applications. Post your comments on this. :-)

From: Linux Magazine
May 11, 2010

The cloud-friendly, web app-centric Linux distro is now available.

Another day, another Linux distro. Peppermint OS 1.0 uses Mozilla Labs' Prism technology to fully integrate with Cloud and web-based applications such as Hulu and Gmail. The OS is built on Linux Kernel 2.6.32, Xorg 7.5 GUI and Openbox 3.4.10 for window management.

Peppermint Linux 1.0Peppermint 1.0 uses Mozilla Labs' Prism to create Web apps that run as single site browser windows (SSBs).Custom front end code integrates the SSBs into the desktop environment.

FOSS for health among the themes at Southeast Asian conference of experts

Open source in health care has been identified as one of the nine themes that will be tackled by some 200 alumni of the InWEnt Capacity Building International (Germany) during the "1st Interdisciplinary Alumni Conference Southeast Asia".

Launch of the non-profit peer-reviewed open access International Journal of BioEngineering and Technology

A non-profit peer-reviewed open access journal, the International Journal of BioEngineering and Technology (IJBET) ISSN: 0976 – 2965 was recently launched.


The non-profit peer-reviewed International Journal of BioEngineering and Technology (IJBET) ISSN: 0976 - 2965 is started with a Mission to:

* Encourage contribution to Research in BioEngineering and Technology (IJBET).

First IHI Conference to Explore Medical Informatics


ACM is proud to sponsor a new conference, whose goal is to become the premier community forum for health informatics researchers and practitioners. The ACM International Health Informatics Symposium (IHI 2010) will focus on the application of computing principles and technology to address problems in healthcare, public health, the delivery of healthcare services, and consumer health, as well as topics related to social and ethical issues. Technical contributions, including papers and demonstration proposals, are due on June 4. For submission instructions and a complete list of possible topics, please visit the Call for Papers on the conference web site. IHI 2010 takes place November 11 to 12 in Washington, DC.

For more details visit:

Session on FLOSS in health care being organized at the Paris Open World Forum

The Open World Forum (OWF) is the new global summit on Free/Open Source. On September 30 and October 1 2010, it will bring together in Paris decisions-makers from across the world to discuss the technological, business and social impact of open technologies, and to cross-fertilize initiatives in these areas.

A session on FLOSS in health care (FLOSS-HC): How to foster community building is being organized by Thomas Karopka and Alvin Marcelo.

Those interested may register at the wiki.

Visit the Open World Forum wiki for more details.

Ubuntu Manual 10.04 is now available for download FREE!

With the Official release today of Ubuntu 10.04 is also the release of the Ubuntu Manual.

Ubuntu Manual 10.04 is now available for download:

Get it here:

or at this mirror:

Canonical's Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop Edition features 3 years of support, a new look & social network integration


Help spread the news! Ubuntu 10.04 Code Named: Lucid Lynx will be officially released April 29, 2010.

This is the latest news from:

Ubuntu: For Desktops, Servers, Netbooks and in the cloudLong-term support (LTS) version of popular desktop operating system generally available on 29 April

LONDON, April 27, 2010: Canonical announced today the upcoming release of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop Edition, the latest version of the popular Linux desktop distribution, which includes three years of support through free security and maintenance updates. It will be available for free download on Thursday 29 April and will be pre-installed on a range of machines from a number of manufacturers in Summer 2010.

The desktop edition of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS will feature extensive design work, faster boot speed, social network integration, online services and the Ubuntu One Music Store.

"Ubuntu 10.04 LTS challenges the perceptions of the Linux desktop, bringing a whole new category of users to the world of Ubuntu," said Jane Silber, CEO, Canonical. "Changes like the new look and feel and the addition of a music store, layered on top of our relentless focus on delivering an intuitive and attractive user experience for new and existing Ubuntu users -- these are the bridging elements to the mainstream market that our community, our partners and our users really want. Long-term support makes Ubuntu 10.04 LTS very attractive to corporate IT as well."

FOSS Android now running on iPhone!

Android now running on iPhone. This is good news! I don't have an iPhone and doesn't plan on having one precisely because I prefer free-and-open-source-software-based phones. But now this may change :-).

Here's the link to Programmer David Wong's “Linux on the iPhone” blog showing a screenshot of the Android boot and some background on his project.

David Wong also posted on his blog: Android running on iPhone links to pre-built images and sources for those wanting to try running Android on the iPhone and the following youtube video:

Hope a lot like me will be interested in this and will benefit from this sharing. :-)

Posted also on my other blog: Ariel's Playground and Toy Factory to spread the good news to more FOSS people :-)

Children hospitals saving money by using open source

From: Open Source Observatory & Repository Europe []

by Gijs Hillenius — published on Apr 21, 2010
— filed under: [T] Deployments and Migrations, [GL] Italy

Italian children hospitals are saving money by using the 'Smart Inclusion project' using open source technology and offering access to for instance medical data and e-learning applications. According to a statement from the Ministry for Public Administration and Innovation, hospitals can save about 1000 Euro per PC and about 500 per thin client.

The project uses the Linux open source operating system.

LPI and IOSN Introduce New Exam Proctor Program with IDRC and AKU during the 3rd PANACeA Meeting

From the email release

LPI and IOSN Introduce New Exam Proctor Program

(Sacramento, CA, USA: April 22, 2010) The Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the world's premier Linux certification organization (, announced a program of exam proctor training and exam labs undertaken with the cooperation of the International Open Source Network (IOSN: LPI's affiliate in Korea, LPI-Korea (, undertook training of 19 new proctors from the nations of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka to be followed by local exam labs throughout the next year--commencing on May 1 and 22, 2010 with scheduled exam labs in the Philippines. The IOSN was formed in 2003 as a network of Asian Pacific centers of excellence and is a long time collaborator with LPI. The IOSN is based at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Regional Center in Bangkok, Thailand and this recent initiative with LPI was supported by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC: and the Aga Khan University (

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