ClinicWeb is a cross platform and web based electronic medical records (EMR) system built up with Java / MySQL Database.(source:

Current version is in Portugese.


CARE2x is designed to overcome integration problems in a network of multiple incompatible programs. It can integrate almost any type of service, system, department, clinic, process, data, communication, etc. in a hospital. Its design can also handle non-medical services or functions such as security and maintenance. It is modular and highly scalable.

Segworks Hospital Information System

SEGHIS is a Philippine customization of Care2x

EveryDesk! Linux desktop designed for healthcare. Facilitates desktop virtualisation

Carlo Daffara ( the author of FLOSSMETRICS/OpenTTT which was adopted by the International Open Source Network ASEAN+3 and InWEnt Capacity Building International of Germany in their fosstoolkit project (includes a section on FOSS in healthcare) has come up with a Linux desktop named EveryDesk!

EveryDesk! allows for extensive customization and adaptation and is designed for healthcare.

.odt or .doc?

It is a fact that Microsoft Office is more popular than any other office suite there is. Corollary to that fact is a sad reality: That Microsoft Office is a proprietary, vendor-lock-in software that goes against the grain of free and open source software (FOSS) advocacy.

So, are there workarounds for us OpenOffice users? How do we deal with our friends, future employers, partners, etc. using Microsoft Office, who will get miffed receiving .odt, .odp, and .ods files? To please them, we would save, if not convert, our OpenOffice files under Microsoft Office formats. This is tedious and "anti-FOSS", though.

Is Linux safe from viruses?

Yes, if the question concerns the now and coming years. Virus writers tend to target Windows machines because of Microsoft's popularity and because of the operating system's inherently weak security mechanisms.

Linux fares much better because of its default security settings (secure repositories for software packages, stricter root/admin policies, etc.) and faster fixes.

However, as a general rule, no software is 100% insulated from viruses, even malwares and security breach codes. Linux may one day become as vulnerable as Windows, although, that may come in decades.

Antivirus Programs For Ubuntu Linux

While your Linux system might not be affected by viruses, there might be some lying dormant in your system. Like when you copied or downloaded files with viruses from another system and then pass the file to another computer whose system (e.g. Microsoft Windows) is vulnerable to viruses. Or if you maintain dual or multiple partitions (e.g. Linux and MS Windows).

Be responsible. Don't be a carrier.


From the National Telehealth Center

Date: Saturday, June 26, 2010
Time: 7:00am - 5:00pm
Location: College of Dentistry Auditorium, University of the Philippines Manila
Street: Pedro Gil St. Cor. Taft Avenue,
City/Town: Manila, Philippines

Coming from the widely successful first (April 8) and second (May 21) Seminars on Health Informatics, the UP Manila National Telehealth Center is inviting more health and IT professionals and students to participate in the third offering at the UP College of Dentistry Auditorium on June 26th, 2010.

This third seminar aims to offer the same content as the first but with additional talks by professionals working in health IT. It also promises to provide participants with concrete action items that they can pursue to further sharpen their knowledge and skills in health informatics.

Open data in government & health

A relatively new concept that is compatible and works closely with Open Source and Open Access.

Visit the wiki on Open data in government & health and contribute and participate in the discussion at:

Excerpt from their site:

Using Linux to Disinfect Windows

Using Linux to Disinfect Windows: Yes, you can use Linux to disinfect your MS Windows computer. This is a good "how to" from the Linux Journal outlining the easy steps from downloading to disinfecting your Windows computer without the risk of having even your anti-virus being infected too.

Using Linux to Disinfect Windows
May 19, 2010 By Gene Liverman

Are you responsible for one or more Windows computers? If yes then the odds are really good that you have had to deal with cleaning viruses and malware. Did you know F-Secure offers a free Rescue CD built on Knoppix for just this purpose? Let's take a look at how easy the F-Secure Rescue CD is to use.

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