Littlefish Health Project

The Littlefish project is a user friendly patient information and recall system on an open source basis for the use by any community health organization. The project will follow the GEHR or Good Electronic Health Record standards. This Site has a lot of useful information about the what is involved in trying to design the project. (source:

Free Presentation Manager

FreePm is an open source project to create a provider designed patient centered electronic medical record and practice management application. This is probably one of the most developed projects out there, seems already quite usable in its Demo. More significantly, they offer services to help actually run their software in a real office, but all the code is opensource and they seem committed to this philosophy. (source:


FreeB is a GPL Medical Bill formating module. It is designed to be used with any EHR system that tracks basic demographics, procedure codes and diagnosis codes. An EHR sends the basic billing data to FreeB using a simple XML-based interface (XML-RPC or SOAP as needed). FreeB then handles the bill formating and bill revision. FreeB has standard templates for X12 837, HFCA 1500 (now the NPI modified CMS-1500) and UB-92 series formats. FreeB is designed so that it can send bills to a printer, to a payers web interface, or to a clearinghouse.

Medical DataServer

Medical DataServer is an XML gateway, specially tailored for the medical domain. It provides an enterprise-quality platform for aggregating XML-based patient medical records, in both clinical and research applications. It is middleware, situated between clients and traditional Health Information Systems (HIS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), and Picture Archive and Communication Systems (PACS). It supports relational (SQL), SOAP, and HTTP data sources out of the box, but is highly extensible for custom types.

GNotary Digital Notary Service

GNOTARY is a client that provide the ability to notarize digital documents using a server to prove that digital documents have not been tampered with after their initial creation date. This is a very important piece of software.

The author provides a GNotary server to provide the actually notarization on a separate system. (source:

Release Date: 2001-07-06
Topic: Other/Nonlisted Topic, Security
Operating System: OS Independent (Written in an interpreted language)
Translations: English, German
Intended Audience:

Telehealth and Health Informatics in Rural and Remote Areas

A research project funded by IDRC through the PANACeA project.

Cancer Information System

Caisis (Cancer Information System) is an open source, web-based cancer data management system that integrates research with patient care. The system is freely distributed to promote scientific collaboration, and over the course of the last five years many other institutions have adopted the system. Collaboration with multiple centers has allowed Caisis to develop and evolve in an environment of constant feedback and scrutiny. This environment has shaped the features, usability, and accessibility of Caisis.

Key Features
Open source freely available web application


OpenClinic is an easy to use, open source, medical records system written in PHP. It has been mainly thougth for private clinics, surgeries and private doctors. It is platform independent and it has multilanguage architecture.

Currently, OpenClinic has the following options:

-Medical Records

Patient's Administration:
Search, new, delete, edit
Social Data
Clinic History
Problem Reports

Config settings
Theme editor
Staff members
System Users
Log Statistics
(Soucre official website)


Meditux is a Medical Information System. Its primary task is to provide timely medical information to both medical and non-medical staff that operate in an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) environment. This project is no longer active. The original Sourceforge project home is here. To see the current directions of the software, go to ICUWEB. No releases are planned as yet.

A Computerised Advancement for Emergency

ACAFE-a computerised clinical decision support advancement for emergency medicine. Hospital electronic medical record EHR or EMR. Used commercially. Other uses include research-development into chronic and infectious-diseases.

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