Dokeos is a open source online learning suite. It provides all the features needed for e-learning and blended learning management : From Authoring to Reporting. (source: official website)

Zephyr Open

Zephyr Open is a code project to provide a framework for BlueTooth Physiological Sensors. Heart rate Monitors and Wii Remotes are obvous starting point, but we will continue to grow the device list as they enter the market. What kind of mashups can you envision? Games for rehab? distributed game play? virtual coaching (Source: official website)


Teleconferencing software for telemedicine and eLearning

BigBlueButton is an open source project that is built on over fourteen open source components to create an integrated web conferencing system that runs on mac, unix, or PC computers. In the true sense of open source, we invite you to try out and participate in our project. ( Source official website)


TeleMedMail allows doctors to send secure clinical cases via email, alleviating the shortage of specialists in remote areas. TMM can send cases directly to a specialist, or to a server that stores cases in a SQL database with secure web access.

Release Date: 2004-09-18
Topic: Communications, Medical Science Apps.
Operating System: OS Independent (Written in an interpreted language)
Translations: English, Spanish
Intended Audience: End Users/Desktop
User Interface: Win32 (MS Windows), X Window System (X11)
Programming Language: Java
Registered: 2002-04-04


PasientLink develops and tests secure communication between the patient and their regular GP (general practitioner) over the Internet. (Source: Official website-English version)


The SMSAuthenticator was originally developed to support secure communication between patients and the health care sector without requiring patients to obtain additional hardware. Since the module is run as a web-service, using SOAP to communicate with other software systems, it can be used in a wide range of applications where cost-effective and secure authentification is required.


The community edition of eFront is a fully flexible eLearning 2.0 system capable of fulfilling a wide range of learning needs. It encompasses the core functionalities of the eFront platform, providing the basis of all eFront editions. We are dedicated on improving and extending this edition of eFront for the years to come. More features can be seen here:

SQL Clinic

SQL Clinic 4 is a clinical database/web application for psychiatric providers in the United States. It is written in perl and runs on the GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Win32 platforms. It supports two databases: PostgreSQL and MySQL. (source:

Administrative Tools
Built In DBA Utilities
Complete Clinical Chart
Email Alerts, Reports and Reminders
Intake and Placement Tracking
Integrated DSM IV
Quality Assurance Instruments
Purchase Orders
Unit (Shift) Logs
Work Orders

Powered By:
The Apache Web Server

Open Infrastructure for Outcomes

Open Infrastructure for Outcomes (OIO) system enables clinicians, researchers, and other non-programmers to create and maintain flexible and portable patient/research records (source:

OIO is a Web-based medical/patient, user-extensible forms, and online analysis system. We use it at Harbor-UCLA for health/treatment outcomes data. Forms can be exported+imported as XML and exchanged via the online OIO Library at www.TxOutcome.Org.

Release Date:2004-03-28
Topic:Bio-Informatics, Dynamic Content, Medical Science Apps.


XChart is an XML-based open source health record. Since it uses an open source code, it is distributed free of charge by the Open Healthcare Group. We also encourage people to make any modifications or improvements upon it. Furthermore, X-Chart takes full advantage of the interoperability of XML and will thus greatly facilitate the exchange and management of clinical data.

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