EHRflex is an archetype-based clinical registry system (EHR) independent of a particular reference model. It uses clinical archetypes as guidelines for the automatic generation of web interfaces, oriented to a clinical use and data introduction (source:

Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid

The cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid®, or caBIG®, is a voluntary, virtual, informatics infrastructure; it connects data, research tools, scientists, and organizations to leverage their combined strengths and expertise in an open, federated environment.

caGrid is the underlying service-oriented infrastructure that supports caBIG®. Driven primarily by scientific use cases from the cancer research community, it provides the core infrastructure necessary to compose the Grid of caBIG®.


BioMail is a small web-based application for medical researchers, biologists, and anyone who wants to know the latest information about a disease or a biological phenomenon. It is written to automate searching for recent scientific papers in the PubMed Medline database(source: offficial website).


GATHERdata is a sophisticated, real time information, alerting, analysis and reporting platform that uses data collected on mobile devices. It includes tools for:

- form development
- form deployment to mobile devices
- data collection on mobile devices
- reporting data from mobile devices to central database
- sorting of data for outliers, anomalies or triggers
- alerting to pre-configured clients based on individualized thresholds
- data analysis
- reporting
- transmission of reports to pre-configured clients
- worldwide access to data via the web


JavaRosa is an open-source platform for data collection on mobile devices. At its core, JavaRosa is based on the XForms standard -- the official W3C standard for next-generation data collection and interchange. JavaRosa is written in Java Mobile Edition (J2ME), and supports a wide array of devices, from top-end smart phones and PDAs with large screens and abundant memory, to low-end devices like the Nokia 6085 and 2630. Making JavaRosa usable on low-resource devices is one of the project's highest priorities (source: official website)

Innovative Support to Emergencies Diseases and Disasters

Combining the power of the Web, the ubiquity of mobile computing, and a reliability equivalent to (or better than) the previous generation's paper forms and field radios, InSTEDD's tools will get your whole team on the same page -- and keep them there. (source: official website)


The centerpiece of our system is FrontlineSMS, a free, open-source software platform that enables large-scale, two-way text messaging using only a laptop, a GSM modem, and inexpensive cell phones. We are also extending the FrontlineSMS platform to enable better patient management, electronic medical records via the cell phone, cheap mobile diagnostics, and mapping of health services.
(source: official website)


OpenXdata is a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes surveys and studies by changing the way in which data collection, data management, and data analysis is carried out. It eliminates bulky paper forms and subsequent data entry as well as costly errors related to manual data entry and lack of data validation at the time of data collection.


EpiHandy is a cutting edge solution that revolutionizes the way in which surveys and data collection is done in health and development research. It eliminates bulky paper questionnaires and subsequent data entry as well as costly errors related to manual data entry and lack of validation of data at time of collection. With EpiHandy you create your own custom studies and forms, and tap in respondents’ answers to questions accurately and quickly directly on the screen of any number of handheld computers. (source: official website)


An application to strengthen and monitor community health programs that runs on low cost mobile phones (source: official website)

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