Why is it difficult to install a printer on Linux?

The question certainly applies to years ago, when one had to be a geek to be able to tweak printing-related files.

Today, printer installation on Linux is much easier and is even comparable to that on Windows. This on the condition that the printer that you are trying to install is in the list of printer models supported by the Linux Foundation. When you power on a supported printer and plug the printer cable into the computer (usually a USB one), your Linux system automatically recognizes it and provides the best driver for it. In just a few clicks, your printer is already up and ready for production.

There may be occasions when a printer model is not in the supported list but its manufacturer provides a Linux driver for it. Only in this situation should you be ready to get your hands dirty by following the installation guide and/or searching the Internet on how to do it. Otherwise, you should contact your nearest Linux buddy to help you work it out.