What is the best Linux distribution that I can try?

Major Linux distributions are up in competition in the area of user interface. It is not easy to determine which of these turns out to be the best. Factors that come into play include make and quality of machines under which to use a distribution.

Considering the modern computer machines (either desktop or laptops) now in the market, Ubuntu and OpenSuse fight it out in the user experience area. Although, one should not discount the fight that Fedora Core, Mandriva, Mint and Arch are giving.

Would-be Linux users are advised to visit distrowatch.com to get a feel of the Linux distribution universe. They should also search the Internet for keywords such as "best Linux distribution". One such interesting link to visit is this.

Asking around would also help. Only then could one answer the question as to which Linux distribution is the best as far as s/he is concerned.