Ubuntu 10.04 to support iPod, iPhone, iPad out of the box

Just came across this article about something a lot of us into free and open source software have been wanting to happen. Imagine the possibilities for FOSS mobile health applications: (The main reason I don't use iPod, iPhone and probably not planning to use iPad in the future is because they don't use free and open source software. But that will soon change ;) )

"Another barrier to Linux adoption is set to fall with next month’s major Ubuntu release – version 10.04, otherwise known as Lucid Lynx – bringing iPod support right out of the box.

This breakthrough is bound to be a game-changer in the land of Linux and if anything in Ubuntu 10.04 is set to make the fabled “year of the Linux desktop” come closer, this is it.

We’re talking about a new level of hardware compatibility, and not the likes of finding the right printer or WiFi adapter. Support for Apple’s range of devices will make Ubuntu more accessible to legions of potential users in one move."

Read more of the article by By David M Williams at ITWire