Historical statements

Don’t think like Bill Gates think like Linus Torvalds (Marcelo 1958AD, Rome)

We want to link eHealth to FOSS because we want to share with others what good things are being done ( Jason BT, 1809, Vatican city)

Going FOSS is not mandatory, it’s an option and a 'Preferred option' (S Khoja 1445 AD, Madrid)

It’s easy to change from proprietary to open source (after you see a flash light of consciousness) like bill gates (Ariel 1939 AD, Rio)

Haroon....If you are using PHP its ok, but if you are modifying PHP, then .......... :)
(Jason 2010, Bangkok)

Its not the hardware or software that is important you see, its the electricity (Sir Haroon Khan, 1778, Constantinopole)

Maybe i will change my carrier and become a lawyer for open source ( Ariel Betan, 1202 BC, Jerusalem)

Still morning right??? So good morning (Dong, on D-Day morning at Normanday beach, 1945)

Even if half of the open office developers die, don’t worry there are 5000 developers still left (Alvin Rasputin, 1576, AD, Moscow)

Whose using Ubuntu??? Nobody??? But Why??????? (Dong, 1927, Mexico)

If Haroons tells me to use this software, I will pay a lot of value to that!! ??????? sorry wrong example (Alvin D Marcelo, sicilia, 1901)

I find it pain in the *** using open office because my university uses the other one (Sir Richard Earnest Scott , 2000 BC, somewhere in the Amazon)

If this system is so good, why doesn’t everybody take this on????? ( Sir Haroon Khan, 2020 AD, Antartica)

FOr us microsft office is free, as we get it for 20 rupees ( Durrani, 3000 BC, sparta)