Stumbling, falling and getting bruised with Linux

Last year, I bought a cheap netbook. I wanted a really small, light, easy-to-transport device that I can bring anywhere. I was looking around for the best value, so i ended up with one that was around $350.00. It was cheap, primarily because it came with a Linux operating system (I can't remember the distro).

Anyway, I was also challenged to make full use of a device that has Linux out of the box. I was also smug with myself, knowing that I am now a fledgling member of the FOSS fraternity. Of course, I felt safe from all those malware and denial-of-service attacks.

As the weeks wore on, however, I had lots of difficulty with Linux. This is perhaps I had little patience or time to really do a thorough study. Indeed the learning curve can be steep, for someone like me who was used to Windows and Mac.

I was tortured by the difficulty of installing drivers, updating software and connecting to various hardware that I already had. I also found it hard to even change the desktop image! Perhaps this was an inherent limitation of the distro that came with the netbook. Nonetheless, I became frustrated, and felt that I was not getting it. I became a troglodyte.

Finally, after a long, emotionally-wringing bout of self-doubt and contemplation, I had to let go of the Linux distro. I went down to my a friend's computer store, and he installed a version of XP Lite.

I hope that this is not an admission of defeat. I know that all of this is my fault. I didn't know who to turn to - or more correctly - I was too impatient to wait for help. However, this migration thing was surprisingly emotional for me.

This OS migration experience can be akin to the usual migration/diaspora experience that many Filipinos went through, going to a far away place, where you don't know the language, the customs, the food - and where you are lonely, longing for familiar company and sights.

But Filipinos are known to be quite resilient, quite adaptable and wear their fatalism with a smile and a prayer.

Lord, help me with Linux.