Healthcare IT: Philippine city automates health centres

By Adrienne Valdez

Source: FutureGov

Navotas City is set to implement an electronic medical record system through mobile phones, in partnership with the University of the Philippines (UP)-Manila National Telehealth Center.

The city will pioneer the Community Health Information Tracking System (CHITS) using mobile phones which enables healthcare professionals to collect patient data at the point of care and merge it with health centre stored data through the internet.

Mobile CHITS or mCHITS enables real-time updates on patient data, even on the go. And stored data can be retrieved automatically without the difficulty of searching through hundreds of health center files and folders.

The project translates to less time and attention for paperwork and more for patient care, and increased efficiency in health centre operations.

CHITS will be installed in nine health centers and one lying-in clinic of the city. One hundred health personnel consisting of physicians, public health nurses, and midwives will undergo intensive health information system training to prepare them in the use of the technology and strengthen their critical role as data managers.