PANACeA Network Partners and Collaborators Accepted as Author or Collaborating Authors at the Special Theme Issue of the WHO Bulletin: Establishing an Evidence Base for E-health

PANACeA (PAN Asian Collaboration for Evidence-based eHealth Adoption and Application) Network Partners and Collaborators were accepted as either authors or collaborating authors at the special theme issue of the WHO Bulletin: "Establishing an Evidence Base for E-health."

Dr. Shariq Khoja (AKU, Pakistan) PANACeA Network Lead was accepted as author on the "National e-Health policy" and collaborating author on "Impacts of e-Health on health outcomes, services and systems" topics.

Jai Ganesh (Sai Trust, India) and Dr. Alvin Marcelo (UP Manila, Philippines) were also accepted as collaborating authors on "Capacity building"

PANACeA collaborators Chris Seedbregts and Patty Mechael were also among the authors of the special theme issue.

It is also important to take note that PANACeA partners have implemented research projects on e-Health implementations using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

Last July 2011, WHO issued a call for Letters of Intent inviting authors interested in contributing to Review Papers on the six themes: Capacity building, National eHealth policy, Sustainability and economic models, Impacts of e-Health on health outcomes, services and systems and, Equity and e-Health, Standards for Interoperability. The purpose of these thematic reviews is to generate peer-reviewed papers on critical issues in e-Health and its implications for health systems strengthening. The authors selected through this Letter of Intent (LoI) process will collectively discuss, analyse and compose critical analysis of selected thematic issues. (see previous posting on the WHO Call for LoI)