UPM-NThC hosts July ICT4H Meeting

The ICT4H (Information and Communication Technology for Health) group was established in November 2010 to leverage the use of ICTs towards achieving universal health care for all Filipinos.

In order to attain this goal, the ICT4H has outlined the work that must be done:

o Perform an inventory of existing ICT4H projects

o Draft recommendations on

Ø ICT4H Vision, Strategy and Road Map

Ø National standards for health information systems

Ø Health Sector Enterprise Architecture

Ø Interoperability Framework

o Evaluate public-private partnership projects

o Promote use of ICT4H

o Monitor and evaluate ICT4H implementation

The ICT4H is a model public-private multi-sectoral collaboration with members coming from government agencies, academic institutions, non-government organizations as well as industry partners.To fulfill its mandate, the ICT4H membership is subdivided into 4 working groups, namely: Enterprise Architecture headed by Dr. Emmanuel Lallana, Interoperability & Standards (Dr. Alvin Marcelo), Capacity Building (Dr. Angelo Ramos) and Compliance (Mr. Carlo Subido).

Last July 1, 2011, the National Telehealth Center hosted the monthly ICT4H Meeting. In this meeting, Director Nitz Valdez of the Information Management Systems Division of the Department of Health presented the eHealth Framework 2011-2016. It was agreed upon that the ICT4H would align its activities/projects/evaluations with this document.

Next meeting was scheduled on July 14, at the Globe Telecom Office.

(source: email NTHC)