Announcement: Letters of Intent for WHO Bulletin e-Health Theme Issue

Special Theme Issue of the World Health Organization Bulletin:
Establishing an Evidence Base for E-health

Call for Letters of Intent

Expressions of interest are invited from suitably qualified authors interested in contributing to Review Papers on the six themes identified below. The purpose of these thematic reviews is to generate peer-reviewed papers on critical issues in e-Health and its implications for health systems strengthening. The authors selected through this Letter of Intent (LoI) process will collectively discuss, analyse and compose critical analysis of selected thematic issues.

The thematic review papers will provide an opportunity to convene a team of authors representing diverse disciplinary, geographic and experiential backgrounds with regards to e-Health and health systems strengthening research.

The deadline for submitting a Letter of Intent (LoI) is JULY 15, 2011. Full information on content and format is in each LoI, together with more detail on the issues to be addressed within each theme. Please submit to Dr Peter J. Murray, IMIA CEO – - as per the guidelines in the LoI.

There are six (6) thematic review topics in total. These topics were selected due to their cross-cutting significance to e-Health research, policy and action. The precise questions associated with each topic are indicative and subject to some amendment once the author teams are assembled and their exact brief is agreed.

A LoI is available for each topic:

Capacity building (download LoI)

National eHealth policy (download LoI)

Sustainability and economic models (download LoI)

Impacts of e-Health on health outcomes, services and systems (download LoI)

Equity and e-Health (download LoI)

Standards for Interoperability (download LoI)

Each thematic review paper will be a maximum of 3,000 words, with up to 50 supporting citations. Papers will need to conform to the Bulletin's “Guidelines for Contributors” (

Submission of an LoI is not a guarantee of being accepted as a contributing author.