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Open Dental

Programmed using the C# programming language compatible with Microsoft .NET Framework and the Mono project. Open Dental was first released in 2003. Most users run the software on some version of Microsoft Windows. The most recent versions of Open Dental run on Linux and Mac OS X platforms. To support this, Mono 1.2.6 is required. The flavor of Linux shouldn't matter (source:

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Previously known as Free Dental

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Used for managing dental clinic data
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Version 7.0 was released on 5/6/10

PDF Viewer: In the Images module, pdf files can be viewed within Open Dental without launching Acrobat. Images module.

Equipment: Assets can be tracked for payment of property taxes. Includes date purchased, date sold, serial number, etc. Equipment.

Patient Forms: A type of sheet was added that's designed to hold patient registration forms, HIPAA forms, financial agreements, etc. A single window now shows an organized list of different kinds of patient forms, including sheets, scanned images, and pdf's. Support added for radio buttons on forms. Patient Forms.

Medical History: A type of sheet was added for medical history forms. Medical History.

Kiosk: Overhauled to use Sheets. Multiple sheets can be sent to the kiosk. A kiosk can be started up on the local machine or controlled from a remote machine. Data that the patient enters into a sheet gets imported into the database. Kiosk.

Routing Slips: Have been moved over to the Sheets framework, making them totally customizable. Routing Slips.

Online Forms: Support added for PDF forms distributed and returned to the office electronically. Acrobat Forms.

Minor Changes
Insurance claims show UCR fee, global option for all plans.
Appointment time pattern changes if provider changes.
Place of service codes added for 23 and 24.
Added TextMessage as a preferred contact method.
Changing insurance plan benefits is much faster when there are many similar plans.

(source: official website)

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Open Dental is owned and sponsored by Open Dental Software, Inc., which is incorporated in the State of Oregon in the United States of America [3]. But since anyone has the freedom to develop and support Open Dental, in a sense it belongs to the entire dental community. The features and accessibility of Open Dental make it a considerable option for use in dental business. The first Free Dental customer bought the software July 22nd 2003. (source:

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