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OpenXdata is a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes surveys and studies by changing the way in which data collection, data management, and data analysis is carried out. It eliminates bulky paper forms and subsequent data entry as well as costly errors related to manual data entry and lack of data validation at the time of data collection.
With openXdata you create your own custom studies and forms and enter respondents' answers to questions accurately and quickly on the screen of any number of low-cost mobile phones, mobile devices, handheld computers and any computer with a standard web-browser.
OpenXdata has applications in development work and research that include - but are not limited to - health care, education, agriculture, humanitarian work and market research. Service providers, researchers, program managers and program evaluators will find that using openXdata makes more efficient and cost-effective, the processes involved in the course of their work. (source: official website)

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Used for data collection using custom studies and forms via handheld computers
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ASL 2.0
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Norway (NOR)
Pakistan (PAK)
South Africa (ZAF)
Uganda (UGA)

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OpenXdata is developed and supported through a global network of organizations and institutions(source: official website)

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