Intelligent Dispensing of Antiretroviral Treatment

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iDART (Intelligent Dispensing of Antiretroviral Treatment) is a software solution designed to support the dispensing of ARV drugs in the public health care sector. It supports pharmacists in their important role of dispensing accurately to an increasing number of patients whilst still being able to engage and assist the patient.
The intelligent Dispensing of ART software is used by the pharmacist to manage the supplies of ARV stocks, print reports and manage collection of drugs by patients. The software is also designed to address the reporting requirements of Government, international funders (such as PEPFAR) and internal clinical data such as identifying patients who are have not collected their medication for an extended period of time.

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A software solution designed to support the dispensing of ARV drugs in the public health care sector
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The roadmap is here:

Version 3.4.3 contains mostly bug fixes and a few interface and usabiltiy changes notably:
Allow user to change the clinic name
Allow multiple undispensed packages
Set main clinic as default clinic on login page
Allow access to clinic to all users when a new clinic is created
Added import template and import Readme file to installer
Improved imports to consider Clinics, closed episodes and province.
Added prescription export
Users not allowed to create a clinic with duplicate name
Removed the scan into clinic step in the down referral mode

Changelog is here:

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5 provinces in South Africa as of 2007 (source:

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Official website mentions services for implementation and training. No mention whether this a paid service or a free service.

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