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Instructors can administer "classes" or "communities", customising the layout, choosing the language, and setting the timezone for their class, as well as adding custom portlets if desired.
Classes and Communities can be created by administrators who can select whether the policy to join them is closed, open or requires approval.
Different roles are supported for .LRN Classes, such as students, professors and administrative staff.
Different roles are supported for .LRN Communities, such as administrators and members
Individual users can personalize their own personal portal layout, customising the layout, choosing their preferred language and chaning their current timezone as required (useful for users who travel and want to keep their schedule to date).
.LRN provides a variety of default applications that can be used in Classes and Communities, such as: attachments, bulk-mail, calendar, faq, file-storage, forums, general-comments and news.
Additional functionalities have been contributed back, such as the ones from Aula Virtual contributed by UV.
(source: official website)

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An online learning environment
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Version release management webpage is here: http://openacs.org/xowiki/.LRN_2.5

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List of users is here: http://www.dotlrn.org/users/

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Case studies on using this application are here: http://www.dotlrn.org/users/cases/

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A consortium has been established for the application; commercial vendors are also listed in the official website.


English as Second Language journal article: http://www.tesl-ej.org/wordpress/issues/volume7/ej26/ej26m2/

Application's web site is not working as at this time: dotlrn.org
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