Learning Activity Management System

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Learning Activity Management System, or LAMS, is an e-learning application based at the Macquarie E-learning Centre of Excellence (MELCOE) at Macquarie University, Australia.

LAMS claims to provide teachers with a "highly intuitive, visual authoring environment" for creating sequences of learning activities. Activities can include a range of individual tasks, small group work and whole class activities based on both content and collaboration.

LAMS is also developed in Java and uses the JBoss application server. Versions that integrate with other e-learning systems like Moodle, Blackboard, and Sakai are also available.

(source: TechWorld Review: http://www.techworld.com.au/article/223565/10_open_source_e-learning_pro...)

"LAMS is a new tool for producing online collaborative learning activities. It provides teachers with a visual authoring environment for creating sequences of learning activities."
(source: official website)

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A web-based tool producing online collaborative learning activities
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version 2.3 is available for download and was released on May 29, 2009.
It can be integrated with other LMS such as Moodle, Blackboard/WebCT, Sakai and .LRN as well as Microsoft Sharepoint.

Roadmap can be found here: http://wiki.lamsfoundation.org/display/lams/Roadmap; http://www.lamsfoundation.org/about_roadmap.htm

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GPLv2 - Dual license
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http://wiki.lamsfoundation.org/display/lams/Building+LAMS; http://lamsfoundation.org/downloads_home.htm\

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Commercial support is also available also in the official website.; Community webpage is here: http://www.lamscommunity.org/register/?return_url=/dotlrn/index

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