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FreeB is a GPL Medical Bill formating module. It is designed to be used with any EHR system that tracks basic demographics, procedure codes and diagnosis codes. An EHR sends the basic billing data to FreeB using a simple XML-based interface (XML-RPC or SOAP as needed). FreeB then handles the bill formating and bill revision. FreeB has standard templates for X12 837, HFCA 1500 (now the NPI modified CMS-1500) and UB-92 series formats. FreeB is designed so that it can send bills to a printer, to a payers web interface, or to a clearinghouse. FreeB also performs bill revision, as you modify the claim data in order to meet the payor requirements, FreeB keeps track of those changes over time so that you can easily see the progression of the claim over time. The current version of FreeB is written in PHP and uses the Smarty template language for bill templates. FreeB has a web interface that allows users to modify any aspect of a claim, and send groups of claims in different directions.

Posted On Wednesday, June 13, 2007 (source: official website)

FreeB is a spinoff of FreeMED

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A medical billing system
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