Cancer Information System

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Caisis (Cancer Information System) is an open source, web-based cancer data management system that integrates research with patient care. The system is freely distributed to promote scientific collaboration, and over the course of the last five years many other institutions have adopted the system. Collaboration with multiple centers has allowed Caisis to develop and evolve in an environment of constant feedback and scrutiny. This environment has shaped the features, usability, and accessibility of Caisis.

Key Features
Open source freely available web application
Clinical practice and research activities combined to improve data quality and efficiency
Designed to be easily extended to new diseases
Framework allows quick addition of new fields and data collection using electronic forms
Clinical documentation integrated via paper and web-based forms (eForms)
Integrated protocol management module
Integrated specimen banking module
Integrated project tracking module
Data export tools and disease specific algorithms
Plugin interface for user friendly tools (e.g. PSA graph, file upload tool)
Longitudinal follow-up automation
HIPAA compliant robust security features

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an open source, web-based cancer data management system that integrates research with patient care
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Version 5.0 has been released
"In the future, we hope that users will take advantage of the full scope of the system including the features for Tumor Banking, Protocol Management, Project Tracking and Patient Education"

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Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
U of Sydney, Westmead
University of Virginia Health System
McGill University
MD Anderson Cancer Center
University of Malmö
New York University Medical Center
Cancer Research UK
University of Rochester
Mater Clinic
Karmanos Cancer Institute
Foundation Biobank-Suisse
Eastern Virginia Medical School
Baylor College of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland Clinic
Columbia University
U of Washington / Fred-Hutchinson Center
George Washington University
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Vanguard Urology

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Lessons learned journal article published in 2007 is here:
A chapter in a biomedical informatics for cancer research book is seen here:

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No clear available information online as of timestamp; however, the administration for the software is located at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

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