Forums vs. Wikis: Which is better?

A hard question to answer, as both have similar objectives, though with several advantages and disadvantages.

Both are essential tools for knowledge creation.

Although Forums are more open-ended and require no additional technical skill from users. Users just type in their reply to a topic and click the submission button.

Discussions in Forums are threaded a bit like email. Whereas in Wikis, shared knowledge is instantly integrated into a whole like overlays stacked over one another.

As implied above, Wikis assume that users have knowledge of tags to format text. Most wiki sites have similar tagging schemes. Wikis produce readily available, sometimes academically or technically sound, content. One great example of a wiki site is Wikipedia.

The portal ( has both the Forums and Open Spaces Wiki. We highly recommend use of these tools. Use Forums to address urgent concerns or to explore ideas. Use Open Spaces Wiki to create content like howtos, common stories, and collaborative articles.