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The Tolven platform and ePHR and eCHR applications enable interoperability across electronic health records for consumers and clinicians. Using Java, EJB3, Faces, Facelets, AJAX, relational database, and LDAP for security.

The Tolven solution enables consumers to proactively ensure that their health providers have the latest information to guide them in their decision making. An electronic Personal Health Record provides the consumer with an intuitive web-based application to create, view, store and share healthcare information about themselves or on behalf of those they look after (e.g., aged relatives, children and those with disabilities); to communicate with their care providers; and to access needed health-related information relating to their specific conditions through the power of the internet; and to simply perform mundane tasks, like re-filling a prescription for themselves or one of their dependents - all with a minimum of effort.
Uniquely, the electronic Personal Health Record is not simply a static record keeping device. The electronic Personal Health Record enables the consumer to selectively include information that a care provider has collected, thus allowing the consumer to easily and securely make a partial or comprehensive view of their medical information available to other care providers. Just imagine visiting your doctor's office and not having to complete any forms because all of the information needed is already available on-line. A consumer granting emergency service providers access to their personal health record will potentially avoid unnecessary risks and delays in treatment as paramedics and emergency room physicians will have access to the consumer's most up to date clinical information.

As a companion to an electronic Personal Health Record, an electronic Clinician Health Record enables care providers authorized by the consumer to have access to their latest healthcare information. How often has a care provider asked you what medications another doctor has prescribed, or what over-the-counter medicines you are taking? All of this becomes a thing of the past as the consumer and other providers update information on-line.
The electronic Clinician Health Record enables authorized care professionals to capture information about their treatment plans and findings. Clinicians can securely share the information that they have collected about their patients with other care providers.

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A review by the California Health Foundation is found here: mentioned deployment in two sites
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