Freefeather EHR

FFEHR is the temporary project name of a software application commissioned by the ASEAN +3 node of the UNDP's International Open Source Network (UNDP-IOSN) for eventual use as an electronic health record for the healthcare industry. The initial goal of the project is to be able to design a common user interface that is both effective and efficient, and widely acceptable to medical practitioners in the Philippines and in the future, worldwide. FFEHR is licensed under the GNU GPL3 and later and is thus available for free download and use including its source code

The project is being developed using the Mozilla Programming Framework (MPF), the same technology behind popular applications such as Firefox, Thunderbird, Songbird, Miro and others. It was chosen for its robust network capabilities and its cross platform implementations. Through MPF, the EHR application can run as an extension to Firefox or other Mozilla-based browsers. It can also operate as an independent local application through Xulrunner.

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Beta version 0.1b has been completed according to the roadmap:

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a preview was done and the presentation slide is available at:

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