e-Health Applications

There are 127 e-Health Applications

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App Short Name Type Licensing Mode Website Latest Version Version Datesort icon Rev Imp Bus
Open Source Clinical Application Resource OSCAR EMR GPL «Click» Yes Yes
Community Health Information Tracking System CHITS EHR GPL «Click» 1.4 (?) Yes Yes
Primary Care Doctors' Organization Malaysia PrimaCare PCDOM PrimaCare CMS «Click» 4.0.10 Yes Yes Yes
MirrorMed MirrorMed EHR GPL «Click» 1.0 RC3 Yes
GNUmed EMR GPL «Click» Yes Yes Yes
Res Medicinae CPM GPL «Click» Yes
Elemental Clinic EMR GPL «Click» 4.1 Yes Yes Yes
Freefeather EHR EHR GPL «Click» Yes
mdDigest Community Edition EMR «Click»
HOSxP EHR GPL «Click» Yes Yes Yes
Indivo PCHR CC «Click» Yes
FreeMED FreeMED EMR GPL «Click» 0.9.x Beta Yes Yes
MMF Systems EMR «Click» Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Health Pal PCHR «Click»
MEDILIG EHR GPL 3.0 «Click» Yes Yes
SmartCare EHR «Click» Yes
WebEMS WebEMS EMS GPL 3.0 «Click» 0.1 Yes
Zambia Electronic Perinatal Record System ZEPRS EMR ASL 2.0 «Click» Yes Yes
Segworks Hospital Information System SegHIS HIS 3.0 Yes Yes
OpenClinic OpenClinic EMR GPL «Click» 0.7 Yes
Meditux Meditux EMR GPL «Click» Yes Yes
Telehealth and Health Informatics in Rural and Remote Areas THIRRA EHR «Click» Yes
phpMedCare phpMedCare EHR LGPL «Click» Yes
Clinical Handover Database PD GPL «Click»
Hospital Schedule HoSchedule HEPSS LGPL «Click» 1.09 Yes
Checkup System Checkup System EMR GPL «Click» 4.52 Yes
Trax-ER Patient Tracking TRAX PTS GPL «Click»
eComBill eComBill PTBS GPL «Click» Yes
Hospital Operations Management and Controls HOMC HIS «Click» Yes Yes
XChart XChart EHR «Click» Yes
Open Infrastructure for Outcomes OIO CRT GPL «Click» 1.09 Yes
Electronic Obstetric Record System EORS EMR Yes
MyPACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) MyPACS MIMS «Click» Yes Yes
Littlefish Health Project Littlefish EMR «Click»
Free Presentation Manager FreePM EMR BSD «Click» Yes
FreeB FreeB MBS «Click» 1.0 Yes
Medical DataServer Medical DataServer XMLG LGPL «Click» 2.1.0b Yes Yes Yes
Zephyr Open Zephyr Open TTT GPL «Click»
PasientLink PasientLink TTT OpenBSD «Click» Yes Yes Yes
SMSAuthenticator SMSAuthenticator TTT BSD «Click» 1.02 Yes Yes
Electronic Support for Public health ESP PHB LGPL «Click» Yes Yes Yes
Intelligent Dispensing of Antiretroviral Treatment iDART PHB GPL «Click» 3.5.2 Yes Yes Yes
Real-time Outbreak and Disease Surveillance RODS PHB AGPL «Click» 4.2.5 Yes Yes Yes
CommCare CommCare MA «Click» 1.1 Yes Yes Yes
OpenXdata OpenXdata MA ASL 2.0 «Click» 1.2 Yes Yes Yes
FrontlineSMS FrontlineSMS MA LGPL «Click» Yes Yes Yes
Innovative Support to Emergencies Diseases and Disasters InSTEDD MA GPL «Click» Yes Yes Yes
JavaRosa JavaRosa MA ASL 2.0 «Click» 1.0 Yes Yes
GATHERdata GATHERdata MA AED 1.0 «Click»
Mobilisr Mobilisr MA «Click» 2.0 Yes Yes
RapidSMS RapidSMS MA AGPL «Click» 0.9.6a Yes Yes Yes
Souktel Aidlink Souktel Aidlink MA «Click» Yes Yes
Open Electronic Health Records-GeHR OpenEHR-GeHR EHR «Click» 1.0.2 Yes Yes
Care4G Care4G HIS CDDL «Click»
GNotary Digital Notary Service GNotary DNS GPL «Click» 0.3.2 2001-07-01 Yes
BioMail BioMail Res GPL «Click» 0.9 2003-12-23 Yes Yes
Future Learning Environment 3 Fle3 ELT GPL «Click» 1.5.0 2005-04-01 Yes Yes Yes
OpenEMed OpenEMed PHB BSD «Click» 0.99.3 2005-08-01 Yes
Simulation of Infectious Spreading Sispread PHB GPL «Click» 2005-11-11 Yes
InfluSim InfluSim PHB CPL «Click» 2.0 Beta 1 2006-12-08 Yes
EpiHandy EpiHandy MA «Click» 1.1 2007-03-21 Yes Yes Yes
ClearHealth ClearHealth EMR GPL «Click» 2.0 2007-09-14 Yes
World Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture WorldVistA EHR WEHR GPL 2.0 «Click» 1.0 2008-01-31 Yes Yes Yes
Manhattan Virtual Classroom Manhattan ELT GPL «Click» 3.3 2008-03-14 Yes Yes Yes
Meta Analysis in Excel MIX Res GPL «Click» 1.7 2008-05-01 Yes Yes Yes
DataDyne Episurveyor DataDyne MA «Click» 1.2.7 2008-05-03 Yes Yes Yes
A Computerised Advancement for Emergency ACAFE CDS GPL «Click» 1.0 2008-08-12 Yes Yes Yes
PubCrawler-The Program PubCrawler Res GPL «Click» 2.13 2008-10-28 Yes Yes
Zyxware Health Monitoring System Zyxware HMS PHB GPL «Click» 1.0.2 2009-02-20 Yes Yes
Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid caGRID Res caGrid 1.3 «Click» 2009-03-31 Yes Yes Yes
Technology Assisted Practice Application Suite TAPAS CIS GPL «Click» 0.1 2009-04-16 Yes Yes Yes
SQL Clinic SQL Clinic EMR GPL «Click» 4.0 2009-07-01 Yes Yes
TeleMedMail TMM TTT GPL «Click» 1.03 2009-07-17 Yes Yes
SquitoDoku SquitoDoku CDS GPL «Click» 0.0.3 2009-07-17 Yes
Eureka Workshifts Eureka Workshifts GPL «Click» 0.1 2009-08-03
MyRx MyRx CMS GPL «Click» 1.2.7 2009-08-17 Yes
Hospital OS Hospital OS HIS GPL «Click» 3.8 2009-09-16 Yes Yes Yes
.LRN .LRN ELT GPL «Click» 2.5.0 2009-09-27 Yes Yes Yes
Appointment Keeper Appointment Keeper CMS GPL «Click» 0.1 2009-09-29
Bika LIMS Bika LIMS PHB GPL «Click» 2.2.1 2009-10-14 Yes
BigBlueButton BigBlueButton TTT LGPL «Click» 0.71a 2010-01-13 Yes Yes
Open Enterprise Laboratory Information System OpenELIS PHB UIRF «Click» 2.0 2010-01-15 Yes Yes
VistA-Edge VistA-Edge PMS AGPL «Click» 0.9 2010-02-18 Yes
Ultimate EMR Ultimate EMR EMR GPL «Click» 2.0 2010-03-03 Yes Yes Yes
Meta Clinic Management System Meta CMS MCMS GPL «Click» 1.0.7 2010-03-14 Yes Yes
Open Source Electronic Medical Records System OpenEMR EMR GPL «Click» 3.2.0 2010-03-16 Yes Yes Yes
Open Data Kit ODK MA ASL 2.0 «Click» 1.1.4 2010-04-27 Yes Yes
EEG-Holter EEG-Holter TTT GPL «Click» 1.0.8 2010-05-05 Yes Yes
Open Dental Open Dental DPM GPL «Click» 7.0 2010-05-06 Yes Yes
TOLVEN HealthCare EHR LGPL «Click» RC1 2010-05-28 Yes Yes Yes
eFront eFront ELT CPAL «Click» 3.6.4 2010-06-01 Yes Yes Yes
SAGUISaude SAGUISaude HIMS BSD «Click» 0.4 2010-06-01 Yes Yes Yes
Borboleta Borboleta MA BSD «Click» 1.0.2 2010-06-04 Yes Yes Yes
Medical EMR GPL 3.0 «Click» 0.0.51 2010-06-20 Yes Yes
Sana Sana MA BSD «Click» 1.0.1-beta1 2010-07-01 Yes Yes Yes
FreeMedForms FreeMedForms EMR BSD «Click» 0.4.0 2010-07-01 Yes Yes
TherapyDoc TherapyDoc CDS GPL «Click» 2010-07-23 Yes
OBSched OBSched HIMS GPL 3.0 «Click» 0.8.1 2010-07-26 Yes
Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment Sakai ELT ECL 2.0 «Click» 2.7.1 2010-08-24 Yes Yes Yes
Online Learning and Training OLAT ELT ASL 2.0 «Click» 7.0 2010-09-21 Yes Yes Yes
Cancer Information System CAISIS CDMS GPL «Click» 5.0.2 2010-10-26 Yes Yes Yes
Ushahidi Ushahidi MA LGPL «Click» 2.0 (Luanda) 2010-11-16 Yes Yes Yes
LabKey Server LabKey Server Res ASL 2.0 «Click» 10.3 2010-11-30 Yes Yes Yes
ClinicWeb ClinicWeb EMR GPL «Click» 3.37 2010-12-07 Yes Yes
Learning Activity Management System LAMS ELT GPL «Click» 2.3.5 2010-12-28 Yes Yes Yes
Free Drugs Inter-Actions Manager and Prescriptor FreeDiams EMR BSD «Click» 0.5.4 2011-01-01 Yes Yes
OpenClinica OpenClinica Res LGPL «Click» 2011-01-17 Yes Yes Yes
TriSano TriSano PHB AGPL «Click» 3.0 2011-01-18 Yes Yes Yes
Open Medical Records System OpenMRS EMR OMPL 1.0 «Click» 1.7.1 2011-01-22 Yes Yes
Epi Info Epi Info PHB PD «Click» 3.5.3 2011-01-26 Yes Yes Yes
PatientOS PatientOS EMR GPL 3.0 «Click» 1.20 2011-02-15 Yes Yes
ATutor ATutor ELT GPL «Click» 2.0.2 2011-02-22 Yes Yes Yes
Clinic Management System CMS CMS GPL «Click» 3X 2011-02-22 Yes Yes Yes
Jumper Jumper Res GPL «Click» 2011-03-02 Yes Yes
Dokeos Dokeos ELT GPL «Click» 2.0 2011-03-03 Yes Yes Yes
ILIAS Learning Management System ILIAS ELT GPL «Click» 4.1.5 2011-03-10 Yes Yes Yes
EHRflex EHRflex EHR GPL 3.0 «Click» 2011-03-10
Dental Clinic Management System DCMS CMS GPL «Click» 1.1.2 2011-03-16 Yes Yes
Internet Pathology Suite iPath TTT GPL «Click» 2.1.9 2011-03-22 Yes Yes
CARE2X CARE2X EHR GPL «Click» 2.6.27 2011-03-28 Yes Yes Yes
Moodle Moodle TTT GPL «Click» 2.0.2+ 2011-04-02 Yes Yes Yes
Claroline Claroline ELT GPL «Click» 1.10.3 2011-04-02 Yes Yes Yes
Elexis Praxisprogramm Elexis Praxisprogramm EMR EPL «Click» 1.4.0 2011-04-04 Yes Yes Yes
District Health Information Software 2 DHIS2 HIMS BSD «Click» Version 2.9 - June 29. 2012 Version 2.9 - June 29. 2012 Yes