Bioinformatics including disease modeling, etc.

  • The Sage Commons

    Sage Bionetworks and its partners are building a revolutionary accessible information platform, the Sage Commons, to define the molecular basis of disease and guide the development of effective human therapeutics and diagnostics.

    The Sage Commons will be used to integrate diverse molecular mega-data sets, to build predictive bionetworks and to offer advanced tools proven to provide unique new insights into human disease biology. Users will also be contributors that advance the knowledge base and tools through their cumulative participation.

    The public access goal of the Sage Commons requires the development of a new strategic and legal framework to protect the rights of contributors while providing widespread access to fundamentally non-commercial assets.

    Sage seeks to work with the academic and commercial research communities to satisfy a substantial unmet need in useful human disease biology models. Human disease biology is defined in this context as an understanding of the alterations from the normal state incurred within human diseases that link changes at a molecular level to the traits and symptoms in patients. Human disease biology provides evidence-based definitions for the causes and markers needed to diagnose, prevent and treat patients. Thanks to Merck’s generous contribution of coherent human and mouse disease model data on the Rosetta platform we have a moment in time where we can create an accessible public resource using data largely generated with private assets. We believe that widespread access and citation are vital to our partners and to the long-term growth of disease modeling and we are making a commitment to these principles through the Sage mission.