Links to Other FOSS References

  • Wikipedia list of open source healthcare software:

    List of software packages and applications licensed under an open source license or in the public domain for use in the healthcare industry.

  • FOSS4SME - Free/Libre Open Source Software guide for SMEs:

    Includes guides that are also useful to those interested (other than SMEs including healthcare) in FOSS, like FOSS introduction, Guide to selecting software, FOSS adoption models, FOSS business models and, Best practices, among others.

    This guide is split into an introduction to FLOSS and a catalog of open source applications.

    1) The introduction to FLOSS provides companies and business intermediaries with information on FLOSS, best practices, business models as well as an assessment score table, which allows an SME to select suitable FLOSS applications.

    2) The software catalog lists FLOSS solutions focusing on the needs of SMEs. The applications in the catalogue range from enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), groupware, document workflow management, content management systems (CMS), VoIP, graphics, computer-aided design (/CAD), geographic information systems (GIS), productivity applications, as well as those that are useful in different domains such as engineering, manufacturing, eLearning and healthcare. For a full table of content, see online version of the toolkit at

  • Medical Free/Libre and Open Source Software:

    From the website: " provides a comprehensive and structured overview of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects for the health care domain."